The Journey Begins

Khemia Manufacturing is a female-led cannabis manufacturing company founded by two of California’s leading cannabis entrepreneurs and regulated industry market architects – Kimberly Cargile and Mindy Galloway – who have assembled a world-class advisory (meet them by requesting a copy of our executive summary) and co-founding leadership team (Tracy Saville and Lisa Salaices) to support and grow brand innovators who forged the art and science of the cannabis industry.

They are bringing some of California’s most innovative, boutique cannabis product lines to wellness-conscious cannabis consumers under what they call a “Mother Company”, a wellness-centric business model of lean manufacturing meets acceleration – delivering high value for consumers (trust the products they love), shareholders (do well and do good), brand partners (align with quality and expertise), employees (share in the success and contribute to a conscious business culture), and the communities where Khemia is located.


Northern California, the Farm to Fork region surrounding Sacramento is both home to a vibrant and growing regulated cannabis ecosystem, and to health and wellness as a lifestyle, to unique food and healthcare innovators. Khemia joins that ecosystem as a contributor to job creation, as a leader in regulated cannabis showcasing pre-eminent transparency and accountability, as well as the best of the best creative product and brand producers.

Diversity, inclusion, and preservation of bespoke quality and artisanship: this is what Khemia stands for.

10 of the brightest women disruptors in California business, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food science, law, branding, strategic communications and leadership have joined as co-founding consultants and advisors and invite you to be a part of the journey to preserve the finest brands in California today, and to be a part of the journey throughout the US in supporting and growing the artisans of Main Street who forged the way in a regulated market, who help Khemia bring greater wellness to everyone.


“Khemia is ancient alchemy, that which is made from the land and from ancient wisdom, for the benefit of all.”


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